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English Language Acquisition Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Administered by:

US Federal Government Agency (see all agencies)
Department of Education , Office Of English Language Acquisition
CFDA #: 84.365

How to apply...

Application Procedure:

States apply for an allotment by submitting a plan to the Department that describes the process they will use in making sub-grants, holding sub-grantees accountable for making adequate yearly progress for LEP students, and establishing standards and objectives for raising the level of English proficiency in alignment with State academic content and student academic achievement standards. The Department uses a peer review process in approving State plans. Outlying area applicants must decide if they will apply under the Consolidated Application Process for outlying areas' under OESE in which they might combine various funds (also whether they will chose Title III as one of the priorities under this process) or whether they will apply singularly to OELA. In each case an application must be developed in which the proposal addresses the purpose of the grant, priorities, goals and objectives, activities, evaluation, needs, and a budget indicating how the funds will be used. For the project grant component, applicants must submit through the discretionary grant process. Eligible entities applying for funding under the Native American and Alaska Native Children in School Program, will submit a competitive discretionary grant that describes: The programs and activities that will be developed, implemented and administered; how the funds will be used to meet all the annual measurable achievement objectives; and other criteria included in the application notice and program statute.

Note: Each program will indicate whether applications are to be submitted to the Federal headquarters, regional or local office, or to a State or local government office.

Award Procedure:

The Department will allocate funds to any State or outlying area with an approved plan. States must expend at least 95 percent of their Title III allotments to award subgrants to local educational agencies and other eligible entities to meet the educational needs of LEP and immigrant children and youth. The project grant applications for Native American institutions are approved for awards by the Director, Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement based on evaluations and recommendations from outside experts and an administrative review of the applications.

Note: Grant payments may be made by a letter of credit, advance by Treasury check, or reimbursement by Treasury check. Awards may be made by the headquarters office directly to the applicant, an agency field office, a regional office, or by an authorized county office. The assistance may pass through the initial applicant for further distribution by intermediate level applicants to groups or individuals in the private sector.